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In 2008 OKSmokey was launched to help smokers make the change to electronic cigarettes (E Cigs) and our target has not changed. The vast majority of OKSmokey customers asked for easy to use e-cigs without any frills. The very first models were the epitome of simplicity that consisted of a battery, an atomizer and pre-filled tips. Then OKSmokey sold refillable tips and bottles of e-juice that saved our customers a lot of money.

When a bigger format e-cig was developed the tank and the atomizer were two individual parts and it wasn’t until the Kingo was invented that the tank and atomizer coil were one item. It was the perfect solution for the ex-smoker with no variable voltage and a high resistance dual coil head.
The Kingo has been through two upgrades since the original model and it's still popular with easy to understand power indicator on the bottom that is now firmly associated with the Kingo trademark.


We have tested hundreds of new products over the years to suit our customer’s specific needs but the industry is caught up in a competition to make the biggest clouds and the most powerful battery. OKSmokey know that they are not what our customers need and we have kept true to our word.
Aspire have made a truly excellent range of electronic cigarette products over the years but even they appear to have lost track recently. We are still strong advocates of the Aspire but a hole in the market has to be filled for an all-in-one box that is ideal for first time vapers since the demise of the Plato. 

At last we have found one and it comes in the form of the UNO. This compact and solidly built little mod has been well tested by our staff and it gets two thumbs up from all of us. The UNO is simplicity personified and in our opinion the build quality surpasses any mod in its class, past or present
It is very rare that we give a product this high rating and we recommend the UNO to new vapers and existing customers to try this wonderful piece of kit. It will make your life easier and brighter. 

Artery Uno all-in-one kit

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